NSNP just wrapped up another successful clinic… our second visit to Big Grassy River. We had an amazing medical  team or three veterinarians,  led by Dr. Pauline Van Veen from Barrie and other animal loving and caring volunteers who spent the last few days helping roughly 134 animals (including one rabbit) have safer and healthier lives through spay/neuter, vaccinations and  parasite treatments. Many animals from our last visit came back for vaccination updates and it was great to see them again.

One of the things that the NSNP team did during this clinic was TNR. TNR stands for trap, neuter and return. It is a wonderful strategy used to manage feral cat colonies. About 14 feral cats were trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and given parasite control. They were then released back to their colony in Rainy River, where they are cared for by community care takers. Any kittens that are trapped and are able to leave their mom, are brought to a rescue to be adopted out. In this case we are grateful for the support of Caring Hearts Cat Rescue & Sanctuary and Northern Reach Rescue Network.

Thank you to Mary Withers for organizing the clinic and to the Big Grassy River community for taking such good care of the team. Check out the attached photos

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