Completed Clinics

Northern Span Neuter Program clinics we have completed.

Lake Helen and Rocky Bay First Nations

NSNP worked with the two communities to organize and plan the clinics which were held during the first week of June. As well seven NSNP volunteers including two veterinarians from Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital worked alongside GBAQT to accomplish 136

Sachigo Lake and Gull Bay – October 2017

One Hundred and Forty Seven (147) dogs and cats were spayed or neutered, examined, vaccinated and given some extra TLC during the NSNP recent clinics in Sachigo Lake and Gull Bay… also one chicken was examined. Way to go Team…

Mishkeegogamang April 29, 30, May 1 and 2, 2017

For a while we thought that we would not make it to our clinic in Mishkeegogamang at the end of April. Thunder Bay was hit with a very unusual ice storm that closed highways and made any travel impossible for days.

Big Grassy River First Nation – March 29, 30, 32 & April 1, 2017

90 dogs and cats came through the doors of the Big Grassy River First Nation Community Centre for the community’s first ever Veterinary Welless and Spay/Neuter Clinic. 72 of these animals received examinations, vaccinations, parasite treatment, microchipped and were either

Webequie and Neskantaga March 2016

In March 2016, NSNP took a team of eight to Neskantaga and then Webequie for a week. A little over 100 dogs and cats were seen during that time. Doctor. Pauline Van Veen of North of 50 Remote Mobile headed the

Mishkeegogamang and Wunnumin Lake – September 2015

Our very first two clinics were offered in Mishkeegogamang and Wunnumin Lake in mid-September 2015. Dr.  Jack Hansen and Dr. Calli Thompson and four of their veterinary staff from Northwestern Veterinary Hospital, along with Leigh Neilson and Daniella Heerema from

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