Lake Helen and Rocky Bay First Nations

NSNP worked with the two communities to organize and plan the clinics which were held during the first week of June. As well seven NSNP volunteers including two veterinarians from Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital worked alongside GBAQT to accomplish 136 surgeries and numerous wellness checks over a 4 ½ day period.

Dr. Linda Bolton, lead Veterinarian of GBAQT and her volunteer crew of 10 veterinary and medical staff examined the animals, gave vaccinations, parasite treatment, microchipped and spayed or neutered them

As well a live video feed from the clinic was featured at the Ontario SPCA Annual Conference being held concurrently in Niagara Falls. NSNP President Lori Clace gave conference attendees a rare inside glimpse of the MASH style clinic while it was in operation. Here are a few pictures to enjoy

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