Mishkeegogamang April 29, 30, May 1 and 2, 2017

For a while we thought that we would not make it to our clinic in Mishkeegogamang at the end of April. Thunder Bay was hit with a very unusual ice storm that closed highways and made any travel impossible for days. However, by Friday April 28th, we decided to brave the roads and head out. It took our team of 9 approximately 7 hours to make it to Mishkeegogamang but we all arrived safe and ready to meet community dogs and cats.

Dr. Pauline Van Veen from North of 50 Veterinary Remote Mobile of Barrie, Veterinary Technician Traci Devuono, also of Barrie, Veterinary Technicians Christina Dobbyn and Stephanie Clement-Caron from the Timmins and District Humane Society as well as NSNP Team members Alison MacGillivray, R.N. Lori Clace,  Aarne Perala, Crystal Verescak and Nikki Burns along with and Cassie Hill and Debbie Chartrand of Pickle Lake made up the team. Despite some confusion about whether we were there or had canceled due to the weather, we saw about 55 dogs and cats. Over half were for spays and neuters and at least half of those who came in just for vaccinations, parasite treatment and microchips were animals that we had spayed or neutered when we were there just a year and a half ago in September 2015.

Members of the community told us how Mishkeegogamang has moved forward since our last visit and we were thrilled to see old friends return for vaccinations and examinations.  The OSPCA recently followed on our heels and transferred some of the remaining strays and surrenders to southern Ontario where they will find new forever homes.  Thank you Chief Connie Gray-Mckay and the community of Mishkeegogamang for welcoming us back. We hope to see you again in a few years for a wellness clinic.


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