NSNP Board of Directors

It has been said that teamwork makes the dream work….
And the Northern Spay Neuter Program knows this to be true. This Canadian charity came into existence in the spring of 2015 because three Thunder Bay women shared a dream… to offer veterinary wellness clinics and spay neuter services to northern First Nation communities.
The team grew to seven and for various reasons, 5 of the seven eventually moved on to continue their work and commitment to northern dogs and cats in other ways.
But the dream continues and a new group of seven has picked up the torch and moves brightly forward. To date NSNP has offered 12 wellness and spay neuter clinics, and invitations to partner with other First Nation communities continue to arrive.
There is work to be done and this group of seven animal- passionate women brings diverse skills to the table and are just the team to take on the challenge! Way to go Kestral Wraggett, Tammy Slobodian, Lori Clace, Melissa Dillon, Randi Roberts, Veronica Devenyi, and Elizabeth McLeod. Watch for details on upcoming NSNP initiatives.

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